In” Ergonis” we believe that Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is the answer to the use of optic fiber infrastructure. The evolution of markets and the increased demands of our customers have led to the development of sales processes that allow:

  • Operation insurance over the entire FTTX operating cycle
  • The immediate effectiveness of the actions through appropriate programming, analyzing the needs of the end-user and the existence of modern computer technology structures in the field, so as to optimize the existing resources of the installation without diminishing them.
  • Ensurance of the uninterrupted operation of the system, while simultaneously storing the data in safe and secure places, directly searching them in full form and volume. This reduces media and storage space and ensures secure access to the data at any time, thereby compromising the risk of a potentially catastrophic process.


Therefore, the study of the needs of the customer and the end user with the help of the experienced engineers and project managers gives us the certain conviction of the result, building our proposal to the customer, based on the guarantee of all services and the efficient management of the processes.

At the same time, process monitoring, continuous planning and anticipation of future user needs make us ready to address any business development path and ensure immediate solution.

Lastly, another successful factor is Ergonis’ certified collaboration. Through the trained and skilled executives of the company we assure that , while the immediate service and handling of any problem, making us pioneers in this field.