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    The company is staffed by Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Surveying Engineers, who cooperate with the permanently employed specialized personnel of all technical specialists and machine operators. This combination, along with the company’s organizational structure, adapted to every need that arises, provides integrated management and operation solutions for all types of construction or installation.

    At the company’s headquarters and in every Construction Site operates a complete computerized accounting section, under the supervision of the Finance Management Department. The Department uses ERP software , being able in that way to manage in large databases all projects, human resources, subcontractors and suppliers.

    The company is active throughout the whole country founding In Situ Construction Sites, which are coordinated by the Company’s Main Management System.

    The constant development and training of the company’s personnel in new technologies is a primary goal for us and adds even greater value to the construction of demanding and advanced technology projects.

    The company’s obtained experience is shown in all technical and financial solutions provided, each of whom are perfectly adapted to every requirement, securing at the same time the maximum performance relatively to the cost of the solution proposed.