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    The Engineering Company “ERGONIS” has been active since 1995, mainly in Public Constructions, covering all aspects in the construction sector with extra high growth rates .

    It is registered in the Registry of Contractors of the Ministry of Transport and Networks, while its know-how also provides services to large private projects.

    The word ”ERGONIS” has its roots back in Ancient Greece. It is translated in modern Greek as the CONTRACTOR for the execution of a public project. The word is a result of the composition of the words ”ERGO”, which means project, and ”ONEOME”, which means an offer suggestion to buy or undertake a project. The action of making said offer was named ”ERGONIA” or ”ERGOLAVIA” in modern Greek.

    Choosing a title like this for a construction company shows strong belief in the timeless value of the whole Construction spectra, beginning from the ancient times until today, through the projects’ sustainability in time.