The road to the future is built with fibers. The journey to this is done together.

As one of the leading providers of technical services for optic fibers, electricity and telecommunications, Ergonis has made a substantial contribution to building the future. The services we provide allow the flow of information, thus achieving high digital connectivity and quality control of all activities.

Why choose optical fibers networks?

As soon as there are more than two users in a family who want to use media such as TV, Internet and telephony, optic fibers are the best solution as they provide you with a connection with superior capacity and reliability, fixed telephony that works even when the copper network is down, while enjoying the perfect TV reception (including HD). Internet with the fastest speed, now and in the future.

Optic fibers lead us in a fascinating way

Whether you believe it or not, optic fibers is the future. When it comes to our environment, health, knowledge, security and commitment – the fibers change everything.

Fibers for our health

The digitization of the elements that determine our state of health is called Digital health and requires a fast and secure connection. There are a number of applications today , portable systems and programs that support it and provide us with the information we need in order to make lifestyle changes.

The benefits are:
The ability to improve our own health with our knowledge, to perceive the changes that occur to our health and the timely intervention of health care providers to avoid unpleasant complications in our health development

Also, from a broader perspective, it is possible to collect data that has a huge volume, and it is only through optic fiber networks that they can be safely and quickly transferred to use for the prediction of trends in people’s health, confirming the theory that it prevention is one of the most important social issues, that guarantees the provision of welfare.

Fibers for the environment

Written letters, newspapers and books are replaced by pixels. The movement of people through the constant movement can be replaced by meetings via the Internet. Digitization is one of the basic prerequisites for sustainability, which in turn is the goal of our shared environmental responsibility.
The very big change that affects the environment is that we can choose more and more pixels before the man to avoid unnecessary movements and loss of man-hours.
So with secure and fast connection we can:

  • Have control over large areas by using and supporting suitable sensors
  • Obtain greater benefits through the Internet of Things, which is the collective term for a networked society where people, information, processes and natural sensors exchange data
  • Use sensors that can be used in society and in nature to give us real-time readings that are important for environmental processes, such as preventing fires and dangerous weather.

Fibers for the knowledge

An open society requires citizens who are up to date, educated and feel empowered. Citizens who believe that information is readily available and up-to-date can contribute actively to its development. A progressive, modern society should consider digital inclusion as a democratic right.
So in the digital future, the individual can be empowered to contribute more power to building a collective and open society.

Fibers for increased security

Security is a broad concept. It may concern the physical safety of life and also include the security that one feels with the realization that important information can be sent and received either personal or professional. Moreover, it can refer to easy access to the public services of the local community, such as the police and health care. All this is accomplished with a fast and secure connection through an optic fiber network.

In addition, all of the surveillance of sites such as homes and businesses that are currently controlled by security sensors, motor control and cognitive problems can be automated and run with greater intelligence by making decisions about a series of actions without the intervention of the human mind, driven by fast and secure networks.